General questions
According to the Vienna Convention of 1961, possession of hemp seeds is not considered a criminal offence in Spain, therefore making the purchase of seeds equally legal. This also applies to Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Russia, Italy, Canada, etc. However, growing cannabis may be liable to administrative and criminal penalties. Legislation will vary from country to country. That's why we recommend checking your local laws before buying.
After a visual inspection of the batches, all the items are then identified, coded and stored. For the sake of preserving their original conditions, storage conditions such as optimal temperature, humidity and lighting are monitored closely. Any seed packages that have been stored for longer than advisable periods are immediately discarded to guarantee the best possible result for our customers.
We recommend two methods for germinating. 1- Germinate marijuana off the ground: Place the seeds on a saucer, sandwiched between several layers of damp paper, and then cover it with a second saucer to stop it from drying up. Use a strong absorbent tissue such as kitchen towel. Do not use toilet paper as it is prone to tearing, or cotton wool because it might get the radicle tangled up and damaged. 2- Directly ashore: Bury the seed 1 cm below the surface (you can use a pencil or pen to punch a hole in the soil) and then water it carefully to avoid stirring up the soil. The best method to avoid damaging the substrate when watering is to use an atomiser. This will moisten the substrate without causing erosion.
Seeds must always be kept in a cool dark, dry place.
If stored correctly, they will last an optimal shelf-life of two years. After that their germination capacity will start to decline.
If you need a guaranteed supply, please contact us to make an early reservation.
If you are a professional dealer in the sector, 50-unit seed cans are available through our distributor Hemp Trading SLU. Ask Hemp Trading for your nearest Grow Shop.